Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sandra Dewi

Sandra Dewi Beautiful Sexy Celebrity
Sandra Dewi Naked(Telanjang) Photos Circulating on the Internet

Sandra Dewi Cutez Artist

Once the photo hot exploit artist Julia Estelle dressed middle photos with minimal girlfriend, Moreno Suprapto.

This time, the images circulating on the internet more than hot photos Julia Estelle. Photos circulating through the group this figure shows the very known people, that is, the photos beautiful naked similar artist Sandra Dewi.

Not yet known whether this photo is genuine or false. However, along with similar images circulating Sandra Dewi is, if the gossip circulating pictures taken before the artist Sandra so.

Photo Sandra Dewi similar amount of the outstanding three. Third, to the skin with different pose.

Name : Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri
Gender : Perempuan/Female
Birth Date : Pangkal Pinang, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung, 18 Agustus 1983

Biography :
Sandra Dewi with a full name Monica Nicholle Sandra Dewi Gunawan Basri was a model and also stars stars akting Indonesia.

Although quite new, like Sandra who eat snakes and monkeys is known so quickly in the community through aktingnya Quickie EXPRESS along with Tora Sudiro Aming and running and chase each sinetron CINTA INDAH.

Born in Pangkal Pinang, Kepulauan Bangka Belitung, 18 August 1983, the three eldest brothers this Hijrah to Jakarta in 2001 to continue studying at the London School Of Public Relations.

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